i sent her a message before this one  and she replied really rudely (i deleted it from my inbox because i got really angry every time i looked at it), i replied back with this one and i tried to be really polite and she replied. then i sent her on more trying to explain that what she’s seen her family go through is not something that islam preaches and then she just ignored me. whomp. unfollowed her after this. it sucks that people refuse to listen to or believe what is clearly laid out in front of them.
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    I know that u know uma but anyone not in the know shes half iranian?
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    This is the problem with non-Muslims and even, unfortunately, with some Muslims who are ignorant about Islam. WHAT YOU...
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    she makes me so angry
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    wtf I don’t fucking believe this….
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    since when is Laci White ‘iranian’
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    lol she’s iranian huh?
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